29 August 2008

The Village Fête - the Boules Competition

The Fête Patronale de Saint Barthélemy is a two-day event and on the first day - Saturday - the village holds its Boules Competition.

Boules or Pétanque? You can read more on this by clicking on this link.

Boules fascinates me. For instance - how many ways are there to hold the boules? Here you see two ways to hold three. More tomorrow...


  1. superbe cadrage
    toute l'ambiance d'une partie de pétanque dans ces mains bravo

  2. I'm coming from Monte Carlo, the atmosphere is quite different...
    Great shot!

  3. I was introduced to boule by the family of a young French student who stayed in our home for part of one summer. It's not as easy as it looks!! When we played I was struck by the concentration on the faces of the players. Players take this game very seriously. Great photo, Jilly!

  4. en Dordogne, on joue à la lyonnaise. j'adore ça.
    Je pense que la Lyonnaise, cela doit être l'équivalent du jeux de boule

  5. Love your perspective on this one. Just showing the hands and the balls is just great.

  6. I love the way you have taken this photo.

  7. We enjoy playing boules at the beach, but are nowhere near as skilled as the people you see playing throughout France and Italy! I always wish I could join in!

  8. Those balls look heavy. Are they heavy metal?

  9. The idea that you can play games like Boules or Bocce almost anywhere without requiring expensive equipment or reservations etc. feels really down to earth.
    I think the close ups of the balls in his hands told me as much about the game as the wider shots. Nice work Jilly.

  10. It's nice to know that playing boules hasn't become a virtual pursuit, that they're still actually played outdoors. I suppose they would be the equivalant of a game of horse shoes here in the US.
    Also, is it just me or is there a visual double entendre here? %-)

  11. I'm totally useless at this but love playing..there's nothing quite so pleasant as a cool glass of rose and a game of petanque before dinner.
    Interesting point to focus on..
    Yes definitely to Clapton when he comes again!

  12. Never heard of boules...but your pictures are intriguing.

  13. This looks like the stance of a serious player, calculating his moves. I observed 'Bocce' being played here. It is related but played in a court. Very nice photo Jilly.

  14. The"Lyonnaise"is a more keeped away
    player from the"cochonnet".
    Balls are heaving metal.
    Usually,but not always,smooth balls
    are for the"pointeur" and streaked balls are for the"tireur".
    A playeur can have a centimetre ruban to check two balls near the cochonnet when difficult appreciation.Yeah and a piece of close too as a towel!
    We enjoy playing balls in summer.
    But Balls Games can be Challenge
    Games too. I believe It's the
    Federation which has the most many
    Sport"licenciés"in France.

  15. Great photos! Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon.


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