27 August 2008

The Village Fête - Eglise Saint Barthélemy

The service is about to begin. The small village church of Gorbio - Eglise Saint Barthélemy - is packed to overflowing for the ceremony of the Golden Apple.

Tomorrow - the Golden Apple.


  1. Les églises du sud et de Menton en particulier sont magnifiques

  2. Your photographs are stunning, Jilly.

    You made me feel some sorrow for that chicken.

    And the lady on the right side in the back beside the little boy's head.

    She had the blue or purple pants on.

    Is that some kind of pants unique to France?

    It looks like the crotch is down past her knees. That caught my attention.

  3. Yes those pants are strange, aren't they, Abe? I think it's a sort of 'Indian style' - not French as such but just a bit hippie in a way. Probably comfortable even if they look rather bulky.

  4. I am laughing because Abe was right on those funny pants this morning! And she has heels on with them. Not French I am sure. The church is just gorgeous. Glad we will see more tomorrow.

  5. Merci Jilly. One of my favorite things to do when in France is visit the churches.



  6. l'intérieure est magnifique. Elle est tres claire, avec ces lustres.

  7. Le style est totalement de différent et plus coloré qu'à Chateau-Gontier

  8. Those pants are strange to me too. What is the Golden Apple?


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