03 December 2009

The Cat Show - Indignity

There were around 350 cats exhibited at the show with 8 international judges. Here is one doing her stuff, which as you see involves examining the cat from just about every angle... That the cats don't object says a lot for how well they've been trained by their owners.


  1. pauvre bete a concours, j'aimerais pas etre traiter comme cela ;(

  2. That's a well-behaved kitty. And I see the others must be, too, since I don't see any scratches on the judge's arms!

  3. Your own experience as a judge sure kicks in when explaining to us what's going us. I just love going through this cat exhibition with you Jilly!

    And I hope you're having more fun than trouble with the new camera :-)

  4. Hmmm. Brattcat's brattcat would give her a quick nip on the hand for that sort of handling.

  5. Lordy, we wouldn't try that with out Kittykins! Well trained indeed. Don't you wish you knew what the cat was thinking in the middle photo?


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