12 December 2009


Sign outside a shop on Avenue Edourd VII.

'You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.'

~ Stan Laurel


  1. An eye-catcher. Lots of kids I know want to write with the teeniest stubs possible!

  2. That's too funny Jilly. I suppose this is one of those quaint little French shops that sells only.......les crayons???

  3. Pencils hanging like sausages! Fantastic!

  4. perfect quote, jilly. you're as sharp as a tack!

  5. Um, yes. But Laurel's peer, the Great Groucho, also observed that "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."

  6. Avenue Edouard VII...;Never seen Jilly. I'm so nostalgic when I read the name of the street...I'm so attached to Menton !
    Next time I'll take a walk in MY street, I'll walk my head in the clouds.
    Is the joke about "lead", la mine du crayon ?

  7. Catherine, GREAT to see you here. To explain the joke - it's a play on the word lead/led which is pronounced exactly the same - especially to confuse French people!

    You'll see the 'lead a horse to water' is one use of the word lead and pronunciation.(verb to lead) Then you have 'pencil must be lead' which means TWO things in this case - yes it's the interior of the pencil which is 'lead'- a noun, but it's also a play on the word led ... from the verb 'to lead.

    Hope I've explained it clearly.

  8. Catherine, of course I forgot - it's YOUR street. So sorry.


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