21 February 2011

Conversation at the Market

Markets, conversations, friendship.

These two were deep in conversation for quite a while and then later, the older lady went about her business at one of the stalls. She fascinated me. I love the care with which she's put up her hair, made up her face and has coordinated her black, white and red outfit.


Marchés, conversations, amitié.

Ces deux la étaient en grande conversation pendant un bon moment, et plus tard, la dame la plus âgée vaquait à ses affaires à un des stands. J'étais captivée par elle. J'aime le soin avec lequel elle a relevé ses cheveux, maquillé son visage et a coordonné sa tenue en noir, blanc et rouge.


  1. Yes, older French women still dress with a lot of chic, or at least most do. Good one!

  2. The first shot could be used in a writing class, as departure for stories!beautyful portraits!

  3. Wonderful portraits, Jilly, and your photos make me want to know more about their lives. Excellent focus and detail.


  4. They seem to be sharing something that is important to them, a strong emotion. Captured and conveyed by this image beautifully.

  5. The lady got herself nicely dressed and accessorized because you never know who you will see at the market, as your first photo showed.

  6. Always a good day when you have to wear shades.

  7. I"m glad you clarified this encounter. I thought it an argument. Yes, I think they are very well coiffed! :) I love it when you eavesdrop Jilly! ;)

  8. I am absolutely certain they're talking about your 4th blogaversary! Have a party!


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