23 November 2011

Don't Bury your Head in the Sand

Do you suppose the swan is burying its head in the sand because it doesn't like the guitar music?


Croyez-vous que ce cygne est entrain de cacher sa tête dans le sable car il n'aime pas le son de la guitare ?


  1. Why is there a swan on a beach in Menton?!!!Never saw that!

  2. Malyss

    There are several and have been there for quite a while now - on and off. See you Sunday!

  3. Maybe the swan is the dance teacher and bends her neck to gather her little pupils around her. How I wish I could be with you on Sunday...

  4. Just catching up Jilly, laughed when I saw 'It's not Spring yet' loved the little boy's cheeky face giving the yellow roses to his Mum. And as for the swan sticking his head in the mud, I mean really..how do they do that!! there must have been a tasty morsel down there somewhere haha!

  5. He thinks he's an ostrich?


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