29 November 2011

PhotoMenton - Looking and Seeing

Some people look and see the photos. Others look but their eyes are glazed. This visitor to PhotoMenton is really concentrating and absorbing what she sees.

Thanks to friends of this blog who have asked to see the photos I exhibited. Will post a pic in a few days.


Certaines personnes regardent et voient les photos. D'autres regardent mais leurs yeux sont vides. Cette visiteuse de PhotoMenton se concentre et elle est vraiment absorbée par ce qu'elle voit.

Merci à des amis de ce blog qui ont demandé à voir les photos que j'ai exposées. Je vais mettre une photo en quelques jours.


  1. Très beau portrait dans une superbe lumière Jilly!

  2. She was clearly impressed!
    Good work!;-)

    Have a nice day,

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely portrait. Yes, looking/seeing, big difference. Just like hearing/listening.

  5. an exquisite portrait of an exquisite woman.

  6. The harsh light sculpts her face beautifully and the reflection through the glass adds an extra dimension. Wonderful.

  7. What a great exhibit this is! She has found something she is pondering and you caught her in the process. Neat photo.

  8. Hi Jilly! Yes, of course we all would like to see your photos!!
    Regards from Germany, Barbara

  9. Great portrait - I want to know what she is thinking. I want to write her story.


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