28 November 2011

PhotoMenton - Three Photographers

There are as many styles of photos and there are photographers. Here are just three for today. The first is the work of Philippe Refalo who presents beautiful panoramas taken in Grasse, famous for its perfume. I've never seen vertical panoramas before and these attracted a lot of attention. He was third in the Prix du Public.

Below is the display of Michelle Musard called 'Illusions of the Palais Royale'. Not only are the photos so charming but each is presented in an old frame that is so right for the subject.

And finally, a photo from talented photographer, Philippe Chiodi's and one of his beautiful reflections.

More another day...

Results of the Marathon Photo can be found HERE.


Il y a autant de styles de photos qu'il y a de photographes. En voici seulement trois pour aujourd'hui. Le premier est l'oeuvre de Philippe Refalo qui présente de belles vues de Grasse, ville célèbre pour ses parfums. Je n'avais jamais vu de panoramas verticaux avant ceux-ci qui ont attiré beaucoup d'attention. Il a gagné troisieme dans le Prix du Public.

Ci-dessous l'affichage de Michelle Musard appelé "Illusions du Palais Royal." Non seulement les photos sont très captivantes, mais en plus chacune est présentée dans un vieux cadre qui est excellent pour le sujet.

Et pour finir, une des belles photos des Réflets du photographe de talent, Philippe Chiodi.

D'autres styles pour la suite...

Résultats de la Photo Marathon se trouve ICI.


  1. I love your opening shot - the girls in the gallery.
    The verticle panoramas are great. Why did't I think of that?

  2. I finally took only a very few pictures!A chance that you took more, I can see them here!

  3. it was SO good to see you yesterday, Malyss. Thanks so much for coming. xxx

  4. the vertical format is interesting. still wish we could have a glimpse at your entries.

  5. Interesting idea of vertical panorama...I think I've done some of these cropping out parts of photos I don't want! I so love seeing what others do.

  6. What a fabulous exhibition it must have been Jilly and such fun to go with Malyss. Love all the pictures you've shown, especially the reflections. I agree with Brattcat, it would be so fantastic to see your entries and btw CONGRATULATIONS!!

  7. It must have been so much fun to look at the art of talented artists (and be among them). Beautiful work.

  8. Dear Jilly,
    I spent a long while following all the links (including the one to Photo Menton gallery with pictures of you at the exhibition), all were most interesting.

    Photo Menton is an inspiration.
    How brilliant of you to take part and report about it.

  9. I love your shot of the young women, Jilly. This series has been wonderful.

  10. I, too, am intrigued by the vertical format . ..and love finding you and Malyss connected!


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