11 December 2011


I tried to avoid him - honestly! - but there he was peering out at me...


Honnêtement! J'ai essayé de l'éviter - mais il était là me regardant d'un air interrogateur...


  1. He is a most cute looking version. Most of the SCes that I encounter have knobbly-red noses that have been dipped too frequently in the Whiskey/Whisky.

  2. Won't be easy to avoid him these days unless you lock yourself at home!! ;-) I think now it's ok that everything is decorated, but every year they start earlier with all this Christmas stuff! In the end of September you can already buy Christmas candy, ginger bread etc. Now that it's time for it it tastes dry! So you must buy and eat it in autumn already! Isn't that crazy??
    Barbara from Germany

  3. He is unavoidable. Maybe you are still suffering the effects of the first encounter with Santa as a young child, when toddlers are often afraid of his unusual appearance.

  4. Oh JI lly, he's dying for you to sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas! :)


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