16 December 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

France welcomes dogs almost anywhere. No problem taking a dog to a restaurant, of course - a water bowl will be is provided.

I'm not sure of the law concerning dogs in a supermarket. Probably not allowed and certainly I've never seen a big dog walking around a supermarket, but you often see a small pooch sitting in a bag placed inside the shopping trolley - doubtless hoping their owner will browse the dog food section.

This is Danette, by the way. She's a Bichon Maltais (a Maltese Terrier) and is three years old.


En France, les chiens sont accueillis presque partout. Il n'y a pas de problème si on amène un chien dans un restaurant où bien sûr - une gamelle d'eau lui sera offerte.

Je ne suis pas sûre de la loi concernant les chiens dans un supermarché. Ce n'est probablement pas autorisé , et je n'ai certainement jamais vu un gros chien s'y déplaçant, mais on voit souvent un petit toutou dans un sac placé à l'intérieur du chariot qui a sans doute l'espoir que son propriétaire va parcourir le rayon des aliments pour chiens.

A ce propos, voici Danette. C'est un Bichon Maltais , elle a de trois ans.


  1. What a good dog! I can't imagine doing this with my lab mix. She would not be able to stand still! Great shot. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Cute little voffy!:)
    No, I have never seen any dogs in supermarkets, so I guess this is a place with other rules.

    - Have a nice weekend!

  3. i think she would be welcome anywhere. what a face.

  4. This is absolutely wonderful!

  5. Too cute for words Jilly, what a little cutie pie!

  6. Danette looks right at home in the grocery store. I'm amazed at the amount of groceries her owner is buying. I'll bet there is some items for Danette

  7. An she is adorably well behaved I think or she wouldn't be sitting there posing for you! :)

  8. Oh, sweetkiss puppy... She's adorable and photogenic, too.

  9. I like dogs, but I have never understood why dog owners want to bring (carry) them everywhere. Yes, yes, I am American and was raised differently from Europeans . . .

  10. I think it is wonderful to allow dogs to come along almost anywhere in France. I have a theory that they are really the most intelligent species and have trained humans to meet their every need. They just let us THINK we are the more intelligent ones.

  11. She is a pretty dog.

    Have you seen the Jack Russell Terrier we rescued from the animal shelter?

    We named him Pepper Jax. He is about 3 years old. Love to run like the wind.

    He is on Facebook but also on


    where there are more photos of him.

  12. Gorgeous although I could not imagine that Danette would be as welcomed into supermarkets here in Perth


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