03 December 2011

PhotoMenton - the Photographer's Daughter

If you are a photographer's daughter, you are so used to being photographed you ignore the cameras...

Meet Johanne, the adorable daughter of photographer, Laurent Roch and his wife, Stephanie.

Si vous êtes la fille d'un photographe, vous êtes tellement habituée à être photographiée que vous ignorez les appareils-photos.

Voici Johanne, l'adorable fille du photographe, Laurent Roch et de son épouse, Stéphanie.


  1. You are right about the patience required to be the child of a photographer. I tested my sons' patience often, but i hope that they appreciate the photos that exist as a result.

  2. Lovely and, of course, very professional. I have some misgivings, however, about the wisdom of these photographs for public consumption, esp of a pubescent and attractive young female. But, the photography-parents must know what they are doing. And perhaps they aren't even showing them in public exhibits. I sometimes question myself when I post my darlin' grand-daughter's photos on my blog. Perhaps I'm being too cautious?! Our lives certainly have changed with technology, hasn't it?

  3. You've photographed her beautifully! What a lovely child.

  4. Oh I know the feeling. My grandchildren tolerate me. Three wonderful images here Jilly.

  5. beautiful, jilly. she could certainly be a professional model but i suspect she has other plans in mind.


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