09 December 2011

The Postman Doesn't always Ring Twice

No, I don't think 'the postman always rings twice.'

This is simply where he's parked his bike whilst he delivers the mail on foot - the only way to do it in the Old Town.


Non, je ne pense pas que 'le facteur sonne toujours deux fois.'

C'est tout simplement l'endroit où il a garé son vélo alors qu'il distribue le courrier à pied - la seule façon de le faire dans la vieille ville.


  1. He must keep himself pretty fit doing this job, I need a job like this to get in shape haha!

  2. And what a marvelous postman he is! He would climb 4 flights of stairs with heavy boxes, whistling all the way, when we lived on the rue Longue. Needless to say, we made a donation for his calendar in December. A nice way to thank the people who help you all year. I just heard the weather report on Riviera Radio, Jilly. It sounds like the sun has returned.

  3. i had fun for a moment, imagining what the absent postman might be doing...


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