04 March 2012

Fête du Citron - the Clown

As the parade passes, the massive floats made of lemons and oranges are interspersed with all sorts of acts to make us laugh or fill us with wonder. This man is part of a flying machine act - here fooling around and giving me his 'look.'


Alors que le défilé passe, entre les gros chars décorés de citrons et d'oranges toutes sortes d'animations sont là pour nous faire rire ou nous remplir d'admiration. Cet homme fait partie d'un groupe avec une machine volante - ici il fait le clown et prend la pose pour moi.


  1. Looks like the man is trying to start a little fire. How curious.

  2. Cool pics - looks like fun. The clown is in a tramp/hobo style - a classic character for clowns. More here http://cheesecakeandfriends.com/c-types.htm under the Tramp/hobo entry

  3. Very fun portrait Jilly.

  4. Somehow...I don't think Pierre's mustache is a real one!

  5. Abe, he's fooling around with a bunch of red roses. I should perhaps have put this pic on in colour!

  6. I do love a man in plaid trousers and a fake mustache Jilly!!


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