26 March 2012

A Walk above Gorbio - Tibetan Prayer Flags

Bleached by the sun, worn away by wind, rain and time, the remains of these Tibetan Prayer Flags cling to chain link fencing at Gorbiologique.


Blanchis par le soleil, emportés par le vent, la pluie et le temps , les restes de ces drapeaux de prière tibétains s'accrochent au grillage de la clôture de Gorbiologique.


  1. We saw prayer flags throughout the landscape on our recent trip to Bhutan. In some cases they were stretched by cable over ravines in ways that appeared impossible to hang.

    There is also a specific direction in which the prayer flags should be hung to keep the writing and figures pointed in the same direction.

  2. it is hopeful to imagine that as these flags return to the original elements from which they came so the wishes they represent are absorbed into the energy of the universe.

  3. Who would have imagined them in Gorbio. I love the remnants blowing in the breeze.

  4. If I understand correctly, Tibetan Buddhists - or Buddhists in general - think that each bit of lint that falls from a disintegrating flag is a prayer carried on the wind to heaven. I have a string of them in my office but they don't seem to be doing much good. Maybe they need more of the elements.

  5. I'd love to join you on one of these walks someday, Jilly. What lovely things you see.

  6. I love this fragile image Jilly and I like Bob's theory on what happens as they disintegrate! My niece has these hanging in her back garden, I'll think if this now when I see them flapping in the breeze.


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