20 March 2012

A Walk above Gorbio - 'Don't Steal Our Rocks!'

We're actually back-tracking a bit today as this photo takes us back to the beginning of the walk. The reason for showing you the photo though is the sign on the left. It says 'Stones and Property, Private.' Understandable as people have a habit of picking up these stones to re-build their walls. Not good.

The lady with the bucket is a good example of why people live so long around here. It's not just our Mediterranean diet but all that walking ...

In the distance is Chapel Saint Lazare - the saint who guards the village from this direction. Saint Roch guards it from the other end.


Aujourd'hui, nous revenons un peu en arrière car cette photo nous ramène au début de la marche. La raison pour laquelle,je vous montre la photo c'est la pancarte sur la gauche. Il est écrit: « Pierres et propriété privées." C'est compréhensible car les gens ont l'habitude de ramasser ces pierres pour reconstruire leurs murs. Ce n'est pas bien.

La dame avec le seau est un bon exemple pour comprendre pourquoi les gens vivent si longtemps ici. Ce n'est pas seulement du à notre régime alimentaire méditerranéen, mais aussi à toute cette marche ...

Au loin c'est la chapelle Saint-Lazare - le saint qui veille sur ce côté du village. Saint-Roch garde à l'autre côté.


  1. love this shot. what will be carried in that pail?

  2. What a lovely walk-through. I've walked that road and recall the fragrant odors from the flowers and plants. Really enjoying this series Jilly. @extradiagetic

  3. Brattcat, I haven't a clue what she might be carrying. Good question. Glad you are enjoying the walk, @extradiagetic. It's so peaceful, isn't it?

  4. She is obviously carrying a stone!

  5. Brilliant Steffe! Why didn't I think of that response!

  6. Yep, stone after stone in a yellow bucket. The more conspicuous it is the less chances you have of anyone looking into it!

  7. The title, "The Lady Steals Stone," makes a good book.

    After I was hacked I had to give up my old user name and the blogs that went with it. My Birds Blog was among the give-ups.

    So this is the new birds blog and I hope you can come visit. Birds Birds Birds and Birds

  8. Two saints, each guarding the village at either end...and a lot of walking; that's the secret!

  9. I can hear the silence. And once in a while maybe some birds and bees or a cricket, a dog barking in the distance...
    I am always astonished how timeless this area looks! Maybe formerly the bucket would have been of black plastic or even earlier maybe zinc-plated...
    Barbara from Germany

  10. I agree about the walking. When I have been in a hilly village in Italy or France, my friends and I are huffing and puffing as we ascend and descend the steep hills, and inevitably we will pass an 80 year old woman slowly making her way up or down the path, just as she has done her whole life.


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