21 September 2012

Fête de la Saint-Barthélemy - a Face of Character

Our last day at the festival of the patron saint of Gorbio, Saint Barthelemy.

You know how I love photographing people and I couldn't resist this man's wonderful face, strong, full of character yet sensitive and with those kind gentle eyes. Steve Tavitian is an artist and friend of Mihaela, born in Paris to Armenian parents. An absolutely charming gentleman.

I couldn't decide if colour or black and white is best ... what do you think? I normally prefer b and w but hesitated here ....?


Notre dernier jour à la fête du saint patron de Gorbio, Saint-Barthélemy.

Vous savez combien j'aime  photographier les gens et je n'ai pas pu résister au  merveilleux visage de cet homme, fort, plein de caractère mais sensible avec ces yeux aimables et doux. Steve Tavitian est un artiste et ami de Mihaela, né à Paris de parents arméniens. Un homme absolument charmant.


  1. Great portrait!!!!!!
    Even the fact that I like b/w, I think COLOR gave the extra in your photo. Shows his personality better.


  2. Yes, the color one - fabulous photo!

  3. great picture! and you're right, that's a picture of character!

  4. Shalom! Today is the International Day of Peace (9/21/12) May you and all countries know and enjoy peace.

    I like both, but most of all the portrait itself is special.

  5. The color one for sure!

  6. Yes, colour!
    Barbara from Germany

  7. I think both photos are great but the black and white one shows more character. The bokeh is great too.

  8. What a face! I rarely prefer black and white, and here again I like the color photograph best.

  9. Both great but I prefer the colour as it shows his characteristic eyebrows in more depth & the darker highlights in his hair. Beautiful man.

  10. Quem não te conhece que te compre...


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