04 September 2012

Val Rahmeh Garden - the Gateway

A pretty gate at the Val Rahmeh garden.


Un joli portail au jardin Val Rahmeh.


  1. Very pretty gate indeed, but where is the Val Rahmeh garden? in Menton? On another note, you might enjoy some of the shots I included in tonight's post, Jilly! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Yes, it's the Menton botanical garden, Veronique. Sorry I didn't say. Normally I only say where I am if it isn't Menton but you make a very good point. It's in Garavan, set back a wee bit from the sea. Many of Menton's famous gardens are in Garavan - that's the area nearest to the Italian frontier.

  3. Lovely gate and plants. Hope some more photos of the garden are following.

  4. I love the greens - they are so bright - and the gate is at just the right angle!

  5. This looks like a lovely place for a walk. Hopefully the gate is not locked.

    I have another photo in my dog on the beach series today that captured a dog in action, which I think you might enjoy.

  6. What a beautiful gate! I admire complicated ironwork, but sometimes simple forms like this gate are what really please me.


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