25 September 2012

Triathlon! - TWICE around the bay.

The contestants have swum across the Bay of Solenzara and back again - they emerge from the sea - run a few metres and jump back in again! They have to do this swim twice to complete the required 750 metres.


Les participants ont traversé la baie de Solenzara à la nage en aller et retour - ils bondissent hors de l'eau - courent quelques mètres et repartent à nouveau! Ils doivent  nager ainsi deux fois pour accomplir les 750 mètres requi.


  1. I wonder why they seem to be wearing only two shades of caps, pink and baby blue.

  2. Maybe it relates to the sporting clubs they belong to altough it seemed to me that many different clubs - ie more than two - were represented. one day I'll ask, Dave.

  3. It looks very frantic with everyone trying to beat the clock. You capture that frenzy very well!

  4. I also have been wondering about the blue and pink caps. For a moment I figured it was a male/female thing - that would have been really bad taste. I was glad to find it wasn't so. The mystery remains then.


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