05 February 2013

Broc Troc - Lunch on the Floor

We're back at the broc troc today eating lunch, sitting on the floor.

There are no chairs at the broc troc - not one. You can buy food, but if you want to sit down and eat it, you find a corner and sit on the floor.  I'm eating a slice of pichade sitting opposite these kids ... and taking their photograph. 


Aujourd'hui, nous sommes de retour au Broc Troc  et on déjeune, assis sur le sol.  

Il n'y a pas de chaises au Broc Troc - pas une seule. Vous pouvez acheter un casse croute, mais si vous voulez vous asseoir pour le manger, vous devez trouver un coin et vous asseoir par terre. J'ai mange une part de pichade, assise en face de ces enfants ... et je les ai photographiées.


  1. Black and white emphasises the timeless, natural, innocence of these children eating a yummy lunch on the floor. Delightful.
    Warm regards

  2. The girl on the left has a blank affect. Her friend is enthusiastic.

    Uncharacteristically, I'm doing dogs on STL DPB this week.

  3. Love this Jilly how fabulous are your divine little subjects! Wish you had taken a self portrait on the floor am envisioning you :) x Carla

  4. Elizabeth, some photos seem so right in black and white, don't they? I too felt the same about this one.

    Bob I think the little girl was just a bit nonplussed by the camera. She soon settled back to eating and ignoring me.

    Carla, it was quite funny actually because one of the stall holders is a lady I know and she spied my boots sticking out and thought I'd collapsed! Not v comfortable but for me, eating, standing up isn't comfortable, other than one of those delicious tiny snacka in Italy that one takes with a coffee - standing up of course.


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