22 February 2013

Fête du Citron - the Teaser

This young lady spent most of the corso teasing people - going up to them with her painted freckles and enormous nose and causing merriment and occasionally, if you were the one being teased, a little embarrassment.  Meanwhile the audience loved it, of course.


Cette jeune femme a passé une grande partie du corso à taquiner les gens - allant vers eux avec ses fausses taches de rousseur et son nez énorme et provoquant l'hilarité mais aussi parfois, pour ceux qui étaient l'objet de ses taquineries, un peu d'embarras. En attendant, le public a adoré, bien sûr.


  1. I love the b/w image!:)
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. More beautiful photos, Jilly.

    Thank you for your recent visits to my blog. I remember that there was a Naples (Florida) CDP blog in the days when I only looked at them and had not yet begun mine. I don't remember if it was Isabel who did it; it shut down a long time ago. I bought my house down here only last summer, so it is my first winter in Naples.

  3. I love the teaser! I need that helmet.


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