12 February 2013

Winter in Menton

Yesterday, we had a heavy fall of snow that finally started to settle - winter had arrived.

One hour later it was gone ...

That was winter, that was.


Hier, nous avons eu une grosse chute de neige qui a finalement tenu au sol - l'hiver était arrivé. 

Une heure plus tard, elle avait disparu ...

C'était l'hiver, il était là. 


  1. How unusual. I am sure everything was magically beautiful for that hour.

  2. It seems like the weather is fickle everywhere at the moment.....Climate change?

  3. Pasi from Finland12 February, 2013

    I would love to have a one-hour-winter, just once in my life ;)

  4. You have nice winters!

  5. Beautiful photos, Jilly. We have had very little snow in the Midwest this winter, and it has been melting away - but not that fast! It is getting warmer here. Even the geese seem to be confused. I have seen flocks of them flying in all directions all winter. They don't know where to go!

  6. That's the kind of winter I like.

  7. I moved here from Canada 13 years ago to escape the snow and it's found me in Menton! I must confess though, that I got quite excited when it snowed on Monday. Don't tell my friends!

  8. Nice photos, fun comment. Our snow spell lasted 2 hours here but our winter is long and I'm tired of it.


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