19 February 2013

Fête du Citron - the Girls!

It wouldn't be the 'corso' without the girls!

This young lady is coping with an incredibly complicated contraption as you can see by the last photo. It was a chilly day - no blue sky, no sun. Bravo to the girls who showed their all - or nearly!


Il n'y a pas de « corso » sans les filles !
Cette jeune fille est aux prises avec un structure compliqué comme vous pouvez le voir sur la dernière photo. C'était une journée froide - pas de ciel bleu, pas de soleil. Bravo aux filles qui ont dévoilé tous leurs charmes - ou presque! 


  1. Is it that time of the year again in Menton, how time flies. Hope all is well Jilly.

  2. Very nice crop, all feathers and glitter ! Congratulations to the girls. I hope they got to dance a lot in order to stay warm.

  3. Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

  4. Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.


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