24 July 2013

'Apero Tango' - the Dancers

It was great to see two guys dancing the tango together.  I spoke to them afterwards and they reminded me that in 2011 I'd displayed a photo of them dancing (legs and shoes only) and had commented 'that high heels weren't necessary.' Not sure how I missed the hairy legs. Sorry guys!


C'était génial de voir deux hommes qui dansaient le tango ensemble. Je leur ai parlé par la suite et ils m'ont rappelé qu'en 2011 j'avais publié une photo d'eux en train de danser (jambes et des chaussures seulement) et que mon commentaire était " que les talons hauts ne sont pas nécessaires .' Je ne sais comment j'e n'avais pas remarqué les jambes poilues. Désolé!


  1. Beautiful shot, very romantic. After reading about the riots in Paris I'm glad to know there's room for two men to tango together in the South of France.

  2. oh, jilly, how i love this tango series!

  3. As a same-sex married American couple with a summer home in Menton, we are delighted that tolerance rules the day in the Pearl of France! Great picture Jilly!

  4. Great picture Jilly.
    After Le Mariage Pour Tous, here comes Le Tango Pour Tous!
    Go Freedom!

  5. Rudy, you know I was appalled at how many of the French reacted over the same-sex marriage issue. What happened to liberty, egality, bla bla? but at the same time, the wonderful maire of my village (Gorbio) said he'd absolutely love to be the first maire to marry a same-sex couple. Well another mayor beat him to it so I guess there's a mix of tolerance and intolerance. Anyway I loved seeing thse guys dance. Thanks for the comment.

  6. And thanks to everyone else too. Too right, dear Nathalie, Tango pour Tous!

  7. Anonymous25 July, 2013

    Thanks Jilly for the beautifful pictures... i am the guy with long hair ! unfortunately, same gender tango is so difficult in our region. Fortunatelly, my friend comme from Berlin a more tolerant contry !
    Thanks always for the comment so tolerant ... in the street the comments was not so good ! but we don't care ! Tango for all is our goal !

  8. Hello lovely guy with the long hair - and presumably hairy legs!

    You are so right, Berlin would be much more tolerant. I didn't hear any negative comments in the street but then I was busy with the camera. Of course I noticed people looking. If I'd heard them I'd have given them a piece of my mind!

    As I said somewhere I was amazed at the reaction throughout France on the same sex marriage issue.

    Of course most of my friends are gay and one of my husbands was too - the best husband of the lot! Yes I knew, he knew. Just an 'arrangement' that worked beautifully for the years we were together. A dear 'good' man.

    So onwards. Tango for all!

    Thankyou for the comment. Perhaps next year?

    Jilly x

  9. Hello, brave long-haired man. A lot of us are in your corner. I'm sorry you've had to endure rude comments. You are leading the way by being "out."


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