14 July 2013

Gorbio - 'The Year of India' - Jessie Veeratapillay 2

A few more photos showing the beauty and talent of Indian dancer, Jessie Veeratapillay.


Quelques  photos de plus montrant la beauté et le talent de Jessie Veeratapillay, la danseuse indienne.


  1. Looks like an interesting dance performance.

  2. There is so much meaning layered into Indian art. Each hand gesture signifies something different, if I recall correctly. (Not that I remember what each of them means.)

    We're in Canada. Bit of a refreshing change from south of the 48th Parallel.

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  4. Jilly you must have enjoyed tremendously taking this series. The quality of your photos is outstanding. Looking at them is a delight. The poses, the light, her facial expressions and hand gestures, everything is perfect here and I feel you've caught this beautiful dancer's essence. The only thing missing here is the music of course - what a pity. I find Indian music quite entrancing.


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