11 July 2013

Summer in Menton

Love it or hate it, this is Menton in summer and it's only 9h.45 - imagine the crowds later ...


Qu'on aime ou qu'on déteste, c'est Menton en été et il est seulement 9h.45 - imaginez la  foule plus tard ...


  1. It's why we come in June Jilly. We used to do September, but we missed the beauty of spring and all the wild flowers in the mountains then.

  2. Karen USA11 July, 2013

    Imagine what it will be like when the rest of France comes in August! I loved it though. Menton is so festive in the summer. There is entertainment on the beaches, and everyone is so happy. The restaurants are packed. That's when you take a picnic lunch up the hill to the nice cool cemetery.

  3. I'm going along with "love it."


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