21 July 2013

The Belly Dancer

If there's a belly dancer brandishing a sword in Place aux Herbes, you know it's high summer.   Menton is jam-packed with visitors and there's entertainment all over the place.

Love the gloves!


Si il y a une danseuse du ventre brandissant une épée sur la Place aux Herbes, vous savez que c'est le plein été. Menton est  envahi par les touristes et il y a des divertissements partout. 

J'aime les gants!


  1. Nice, Jilly. I prefer the colored version. The rich blue stands out.

  2. The best portraits are not only those that are in focus and display a sense of spirit, they're also those where there's no distraction in the background. Here you got the background just right : the bland wall around her face and the left side of her body enable us to focus on her sideway glance and great dancing attitude, yet on the right hand side, the squatting man and the lady standing in the background help us relate to the street context. Love the bokeh too. A great photo Jilly!


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