15 October 2007

Market produce: fish

This lady has a small fish stall outside the market. Fish ranges from the large tuna to the tiniest prawns and always so fresh. I've lived here 16 years and I still don't know half the fish that appear in the markets. My favourites are rouget (red mullet) and loup sauvage (sea bass) - note the word sauvage, as opposed to 'farmed' fish. There is a world of difference!

Each spring, we see tiny, tiny fish for sale - these are poutines and are cooked into a local speciality: l'omelette de poutines.

What's your favourite fish?


  1. The fish stalls on French markets never cease to amaze me. Bought some fresh salmon in Apt late on a Saturday, planning eat it that night. Plans changed, we ended up having it 24 hours later AND IT STILL DIDN'T SMELL OF FISH!
    Favourite? Probably blue cod.

  2. Our selection here in the Midwest cannot compare with yours. I have several favorites, but tuna is special.

  3. Jilly, may I have permission to temporarilly suspend viewing? This is too much for the suburban eye.

    Watched rugby last Sat....Froggies did very well.........it was a fine game to watch. England won in the best style for such a monumental contest. Pity it could not have been France v England for the Final. Froggies deserved it.

  4. Oh, I like salmon, sardine and little salty fish.

  5. Love loup myself. And I love your site!

  6. Poutines? Little presidents of Russia? :-)))

    I like eating fish but it has become very expensive.

    I like the photo. I like those hard-working people!

  7. I'm so jealous of your markets! Everything looks so fresh & delicious. I like tuna and swordfish best :)

  8. I love Sardines.. Fresh. And I like them fried with lots of pepper and local Indian spices.

    It's not cat food!


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