10 October 2007

Velo Club de Menton

At the Fête de la Branda in Gorbio, there is always much more going on than the actual distillation of the Branda. This year, cyclists from the Velo Club de Menton were out in force. Here you see them gathered around the old elm tree (planted in 1713) along with a couple of old men watching the proceedings.


  1. What fun the Fête de la Branda in Gorbio, must be. So much goes-on.
    That tree is so old. It has seen 296 years of fêtes. What stories it could tell.

  2. Oh, my derriere hurts just thinking about riding on those cobblestones through the hills of Gorbio ;-)

  3. The weather looks perfect for the cyclists--quite a crowd!!

  4. hmmm...now there's a very cute derriere right there. ;)

    And yeah...I did notice that the almost 300 year old tree was very nice too! lol! :-)

  5. Nice shot! Everybody resting!


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