20 October 2007

Market produce: Mushrooms

It's autumn - and autumn means mushrooms! Glorious wondrous mushrooms. Not cheap, as you see, but so good. Actually I've girolles in my garden but I put my life in danger clambering down the steep hillside to get them so this year they might just have to stay there. What's your favourite mushroom?


  1. grrrr!!!

    here it does not rain enough, I was to walk my basket last week without success.

    do the mushrooms come from Menton?

  2. Bergson, I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to that. Certainly I've got girolles in the garden. We had two days of rain - the first for months - about 10 days ago, hence the girolles, I suppose. As to the rest, I don't know if they are local or not. Next time I'm in the market, I'll ask.

    I hope you get rain and then mushrooms.

  3. Love all mushrooms, but especially the wild ones I gather myself in the forests of Northern Europe :-)

    Sauteed with a pat of butter, a bit of balsamic vinegar and some parsley. Heaven!

  4. Fabulous photo, Jilly. I love mushrooms but I usually only get the white button ones that are commercially cultivated and sold at the local supermarket. And I prefer them raw in salads.

    There is a restaurant in the city that serves stir fried exotic mushrooms and I have tried them. I can't tell the difference in the flavor, except maybe slight in the texture.

    Nonetheless, I love mushroom bisque, mushroom & barley stew, mushroom anything.

    Been dying to try truffles since I've never had them before.

  5. Like Ming I usually just eat the button mushrooms though I used to like Shitake. Then I ate more shitake than was wise and now I don't like them anymore.

  6. I have heard that almost all mushrooms in markets and in supermarkets now come from Eastern Europe or other foreign countries.... I don't know about those in your photo, which I like very much. It looks like a nature morte.

    I like cèpes. I had some once only in my life, can you imagine that?

    Dear Jilly, thank you very much for your comment. As you may have noticed, the size of my photos has slightly increased but they are far from being as big as yours.

  7. I wish I could grow my own mushrooms :( I love them all. I cannot even begin to think of which is my favourite.

  8. I lived in a small village during many years and one of my works was to catch mushrooms.

  9. Jilly - how could you??? You are such a tease. Have you read my post October 18??? If not you need to - aaaaaghhhh!!!!!

  10. Love mushrooms! Portabellas are probably my favorite. . .Grilled or sauteed with a bit of butter, grill seasoning and red wine. . . . .

  11. Wow at 49 Euros per KG, the mushrooms are certainly expensive! In Sillypore, we have canned button mushrooms and they are only 1 Euro!

    The Strange Republic

  12. We have very few wild mushrooms here in California -- the occasional morel, but not even very good to eat. Chanterelles and cepes are available for a price in specialty food stores. I love an omelette of cepes, garlic and parsley. C'est incroyable que Marie n'a mangé qu'une seule fois des cepes!!


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