05 October 2007

The Ruins of the Château

So here we are at the ruins of the Château. I was surprised, when I got here, to see a man selling entrance tickets. I don't mean I was surprised that tickets were on sale, but that someone should be way up here, all day long, waiting for the few visitors who come here. Perhaps it's a way of guarding artifacts.

The first record of Sainte Agnès (Sancta Agneta) was in 1150, when it was ruled by the Counts of Ventimiglia - in 1258 it passed to the Counts of Provence.

THIS WEBSITE gives the full history of the village, right back to Neolithic times - but you need to read French. If you don't speak French, it really is worth looking at tho just for the photographs as you go through the various centuries.


  1. This countryside is just stunning.
    It's obviously not possibe to get the 3rd dimension by reading maps.
    The locals must have powerful leg muscles, - not to mention the donkeys. Perhaps the view to the coast is spectacular also.

  2. Such a beautiful site. . .I hope I make it there in the future!


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