04 October 2007

Walk to the Château ruins

Here's a collage of the walk to the Château. It's quite a hike and we'll need to stop for a rest every few minutes - at least I did. Start at 'top left' with the sign. The second photo shows a quite gentle walk, but then it gets steeper (bottom left) and we finish at cross. Thank goodness for the iron railings! Tomorrow: the ruins. Phew...time for a rest I think.


  1. Well, Jilly, after all that hiking I hope that the view is worth it! Can't imagine it not being just that, though!

  2. Whew! My asthma kicked in just thinking about hiking up there!

  3. @ chris - lol! :)

    You weren't kidding when you said it was a steep climb! Thanks for taking on the challenge though. I know I totally appreciate it :)


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