26 January 2008

Château of Roquebrune - the Fortress

We entered the grounds to the left of this photograph. We paid at the cash desk and some of us now have an audio guide around our necks - we've chosen our language. To borrow one of these devices we had to leave our identity card or passport as security.

As we walked up steps, almost tripping over the castle cat, the length of the castle is on our left. The castle was built in 970 by Conrad 1st, Count of Vintimille allowing him to defend the western border of his feudal domain from the Saracens.

Roquebrune castle is a fortress without luxury or ostentation. The Castellans, appointed by the Republic of Genoa between 1157 and 1395 lived the life of soldiers. The officials were replaced each year. They governed the village, collected taxes and judged minor offences. We will see how these soldiers lived as the tour goes on.

We are about to enter the fort - donjon - over a bridge. Do come back tomorrow.


  1. Nice shot.

  2. I am so excited to be able to see this old castle...

    You have an award waiting for you at my blog...

  3. This is amazing. I love the history lesson too, Jilly. There is obviously a lot of limestone in this region.

  4. Very interesting. These ancient buildings are so well built.

  5. hey these are great pictures, and I love the history lesson! i didn't know menton had so many castles! Some of the pics remind me of Chateau Grimaldi, on the border with Italy, are you aware of this castle-villa? Have you ever heard of Dr. Serge Voronoff? please visit www.voronoff.wordpress.com


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