04 January 2008

Roquebrune village - 8

A couple more doors today - if I dare call them that. These are in the rue du Château.

Posting old doors is a good excuse to mention Marie from Montpellier's page of beautiful doors and arches.


  1. Another great photo. I see you love showing us doors and some are really beautiful.
    If you don´t mind I'm going to link you on ... secrets ... .

  2. I can't get over how worn-out or crude these are. Looks like a whole colony of bats could get in the door on the left. I don't see any hinges so I am guessing these are, more or less, just old lumber stuck up to keep most of the stuff outside from leaking inside. I don't think I would want to enter through either one.

  3. I like the sense of the passage of time in this door(s) photograph.

  4. I love the doors....very nice...

  5. These are doors to cellars, sometimes hotly disputed as title deeds may not exist and people go by the "30 year" notion: if one has used a cellar continuously for 30 years one may claim it as one's own !

  6. These doors are wonderful, Jilly.

    Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog :-))

    I didn't visit your blog earlier because I am sick. I had to go to the doctor's. Mauvais début d'année, mais ça va passer vite, j'espère.

  7. Definitely makes me think of centuries gone by.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Do come visit again! Have a fab weekend!

    The Goddess In You
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    Your Love Coach

  8. I do love the doors. You are so nice to share all of these! Have a great weekend!

  9. beautiful pix. I love old wooden doors!


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