03 January 2008

Roquebrune village - 7

As you can imagine, Roquebrune village has many old doorways. Here's just one in rue Grimaldi. You'll be seeing more old doorways - and windows - because I love them - and I know many of you do too.


  1. I love old doors too. I celebrated some of them on my other blog, several times.


  2. You're right; doorways are a perennial favorite with photographers. Have a good day!!

  3. Oh yes, I do like doors and windows...(Hello Kate!), and yours always are so charming...And the "calade", what a nice work.

  4. That looks like a home made door with hinges made by a blacksmith. It is nice. I suppose the lock is handmade also. It must be very old and interesting that there are openings at the base for the local mice and perhaps a rat or two to come and go. It all looks to be very old.

  5. ...even my Truffles could sneak in there, Abe ;-)

    Am amazed at the thickness of the walls - I bet it stays cool inside during the heat of the summer!

  6. Nice doorway, like the stone surround and textures.

  7. Indeed... great door... seen some like that this summer in Amboise.
    Came to you from Neva's blog.
    Yours is quite good. Much to good.
    ... secrets ...

  8. I really like this image!

    also, I would like to say thanks for your comment on my page.

    I have added some new photos.
    you might like to take a look.

    Thanks again.


  9. yes I do love old doorways and things, this one looks like it fits the bill!


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