02 January 2008

Roquebrune village - 6

This monument to the departed stands outside the 13th century, l'Eglise Sainte Marguerite which is to our right. We'll be visiting the church another day. The steps on the left lead to rue du Château ( we saw another part of this street the other day). Note the mosaic of black and white pebbles which dates back to 1776 and is called 'Calade.'

The motif is by Simon Bussy (1870 - 1954), who was a lifelong friend of Matisse (a fellow pupil at art school) and through his marriage to Dorothy Strachey, brother of the writer Lytton, was on the fringes of the famous Bloomsbury circle. He was the teacher of Duncan Grant.

'Simon Bussy was five years younger than Dorothy, and the son of a shoemaker from the Jura town of Dole. Lady Strachey’s liberalism faltered at the sight of him actually cleaning up his plate with pieces of bread. The family drama "shook the regime of Lancaster Gate to its foundations" (Holroyd), and, despite the silent disapprobation of the older Stracheys, Dorothy remained determined to marry him with what her brother Lytton later called "extraordinary courage".'

Simon and Dorothy Bussy lived in Roquebrune in winter and spent their summers in England and Scotland.


  1. You research your subjects very well. I wonder if there are similar shrines anywhere in the USA?

  2. Yes, indeed, a good job on the research for the photograph. It is an impressive post.

    I would like to thank you for your visits and comments on my blog in 2007. And I would like to wish you and your friends and family and very healthy and prosperous 2008.

  3. Jilly, that is a wonderful photo, with such an interesting history, too.

  4. They certainly knew how to build things in the 13th century didn't they Jilly. This is just lovely. I love the door to the right of the picture and the mosaic courtyard.

  5. That's a nice travel and education post! So much to learn about other places... you do a great job!

  6. interesting post--love the whole peaceful feel of the picture and the icon.


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