06 January 2008


We're back in Menton for the moment but we will be returning to the beautiful village of Roquebrune village - never fear.

This ice-rink had been installed, by the sea, as part of the Christmas/New Year facilities and as you can see Menton kids aren't natural skaters but they have a lot of fun trying. On the far side of the rink, you can see the Christmas market and in the background, the lower part of the Old Town with its steeples rising into the blue sky - yes, first blue sky for days after a week or more of rain. Oh happy day - this is what January is normally like in Menton. It's unusual to have had the amount of rain we've had this past week.

Today, I believe, is the last day of the Christmas/New Year market and facilities for the children.


  1. Nice shot of the kid concentrating on her move. Even 4 and 5 year olds are learning skating nowadays.
    Smart generation.

  2. Incredible, an Ice-rink close sea in Menton.

  3. A great shot! What a great facility; greatly appreciated by the would be skaters I am sure.

  4. Are there any permanent skating rinks in Menton? Surely, they must be one in Monte Carlo?

    Anyway, great capture. Her determination is contagious - I am now trying to help her stay afloat ;-)

  5. Great shot and storyline Jilly, as always! I have been enjoying your recent tour of Roquebrune Village very much, even though I haven't always had energy to leave a comment.

    And today I have TAGGED you! Get the scoop on Dunedin Daily Photo. It's a New Year's Resolution thing. :D

  6. This is a beautiful day Jilly. I hope it stays this way for you.

  7. I don't believe there are any permanent ice ricks in Menton, Isabella. Maybe in Monaco but not sure. Certainly the swimming pool is usually turned into an icerink at Christmas. I'd imagine there is one at Nice. Probably all wrong and there are icerinks all over the place but I've never seen or heard of them.


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