22 March 2008

Fête du Citron: Corso - Finale!

Our last day at the Corso. This is not a reprise - all these floats and dancers you've not seen before. The floats represent the Island of the Pirates, the Isle of the Rising Sun and and the Kiwi bird from New Zealand. The dancer in the second row is from Columbia and below her a Maori performer from New Zealand, giving us that 'look.'

There are still more acts, more dancers you've not seen, more marching bands, a Blues Brothers group, two more local folklorique groups and of course, girls, girls, girls. But enough already! There were three Corsos and we visited the final one on March 3. The Fête du Citron is over, the lemons and oranges have been sold off for juice, jams, jellies, wines and liqueurs. Even the orange trees in the streets of Menton are now being pruned - all 1400 of them. 40 municipal gardeners are hard at work.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to visit the Fête du Citron and of course, thankyou so much for your welcome comments.

So back to normal life in Menton tomorrow. There's so much to show you - more hill villages, joys across the border in Italy but now - I'm off to Menton with my new camera. Come back tomorrow and see what it produces. If I can make it work, that is!

The sun is shining over the sea - it looks like it will be a beautiful day - Happy Easter everyone!


  1. A Grande Finale! Thanks for the show, loved it.

    Looking forward to what your new camera produces!

  2. Oh Jilly, quel festival!

  3. Thanks for the collage--fun to see because of the variety. The Kiwi definitely appeals to me. What's this about a new camera? What did I miss? Which one is it??

  4. I loved the Fête du Citron tour and fell in love with the Corso. Fantastic series, Jilly. Thank you.

    The sun is shining in Boston, too. :)

    Have fun with the new camera!

    (BTW, I left my addy in a comment a couple of days ago.)

  5. I think this is a nice way to say it all in my post. Nice work Jilly.

  6. Thanks Jilly, that was fantastic. hope to be there next year. Looking to more of Menton, how is Rue Longue coming along?

  7. I'm worn out for all the festical activity. It has been fun.

  8. This is quite a festival...I imagine it took a lot of work to pull it off. Happy Easter to you, Jilly!

  9. I have enjoyed all of the pictures you took. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm curious, are these people residents of Mention or surrounding areas in France OR are they special guests flown in to Menton for the festival?

    I mean, you have Brazilians, Mexicans and now, Columbians and Maoris.

  11. Happy Easter, to you, too. I've also thoroughly enjoyed the lemon-fest. Let me pass on an excerp from a poem by Fran Landesman called "Make Lemonade":

    If you like the life you live it
    If you've got the time you give it
    If you see your chance you take it
    If you want some bread you bake it
    Turn off those broadcasts that make you feel afraid
    And if you've got lemons - make lemonade

  12. Ham, I love the poem. Thanks.

    Ming, yes, all the performers come to Menton from their respective countries. Some - I'm thinking of the Brazilians - come every year I believe but much depends on the Theme as to what countries are represented.

    Anonymous - I don't know how Rue Longue is coming along but a good nudge - I'll go take a look once the Easter crowds have left.

  13. It's been a wonderful festival, Jilly and thank you for all the effort you put in to show it to us all.
    I have enjoyed it tremendously and can see how you've worn out your camera.

  14. superbe final,surtout les dents de la mer ;o). merci de m'avoir fait découvrir cette fête


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