15 March 2008

Fête du Citron: Corso - Groupe Folklorique

Not all the entertainment comes from abroad. This is one of several folk groups from Menton. See the little boy on the right...he's trying to remove the plastic spray stuff that was aimed at him. The girls and ladies are wearing costumes representing the original Mentonnais clothes.


  1. So French! I love it. The folks at Pharmacie Otto must get quite a bit of business during the corso (and lots of free advertising on your blog! :D ).

    Have a lovely weekend, Jilly.

    (Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your blog???)


  2. All of the kids look like they are having fun, even the one trying to get the stuff out of his head.

  3. Very cool! I love all these Corso photos. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  4. Children dressed in folk costume . . . it doesn't get much better than this.

    We refer to that plastic spray as "silly string" and there have been movements to get it banned . . . it makes a mess and is not very environmentally friendly.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Jilly, I'm in love with those children, and a couple of them see you photographing them and gave you lovely smiles. I'm with Slim, seeing this ensemble participate in the Corso is a real treat.

  6. Very cute ! Kids are the same everywhere!


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