12 March 2008

Fête du Citron: Corso - Oooh la la!

Each year, when the girls from Brazil appear, the crowd go wild. A couple of visitors were standing behind me and as the beautiful girls gyrated towards us (you'll see more photos of gyrations, guys!) the man kept saying: 'Oooh la la, Oooh...oooh la la! and more --- Oooh la la! He was beside himself. His wife and I laughed and I turned to him and said 'Calme-toi.' It didn't help.

Today is the first International Online Free Expression Day. Nathalie at the beautiful Avignon in Photos has written in detail on this. Please click on the Avignon link to read her post and how to Take Action.


  1. Oh là là Jilly!!!
    This is over the top!
    And there will be more you say? We'll be back!

    Thanks for the link.
    The real problem at the moment is accessing the Reporters Without Borders website. I managed to get through at 11 am this morning but it's pretty busy now.

  2. Ooooh la la, indeed.
    But being the poor guy like that I guess he shouldn´t be allowed to go and watch them live in the "sambódromo" in Rio de Janeiro when many of them parade only with feather, paintings and oil covering naked bodies. I would certainly have a huge heart attack!

  3. Here is Reporters Without Borders's press release :

    Wednesday 12 March : launch of Online Free Expression Day plus repeat of last year’s "24-hour online demo"

    читать на русском

    Reporters Without Borders will launch the first International Online Free Expression Day on 12 March, when it will also organise its second “24-hour online demo against Internet censorship,” urging Internet users to come and demonstrate on its website, www.rsf.org.

    A total of 63 cyber-dissidents are currently in jail worldwide for using their right to free expression on the Internet. China continues to be the world’s biggest prison for online journalists and bloggers.

    To denounce government censorship of the Internet and to demand more online freedom, Reporters Without Borders is calling on Internet users to come and protest in online versions of the nine countries that are “Internet enemies” during the 24 hours from 11 a.m. on 12 March to 11 a.m. on 13 March (Paris time). Anyone with Internet access will be able to create an avatar, choose a message for their banner and take part in one of the nine cyber-demos (Burma, China, North Korea, Cyba, Egypt, Erithrea, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Viêt-nam).

    Reporters Without Borders will release its latest list of “Internet enemies” together with a new version of its Handbook for Cyber-Dissidents.

    When the first “24 hours against Internet censorship” was held last year, some 40,000 Internet users came and clicked on an inter-active map of the world to help make the “Internet black holes” disappear. This time we can do even more to make this new protest a success and to put pressure on the governments that try to muzzle what should be space where people can express their views freely.

    This operation was devised and produced by the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency. A campaign ad is being circulated online calling on Internet users the world over to come and take part in the 24-hour protest. All news media, websites and blogs that would like to support this major operation are invited to get in touch with Lilia Bouhdjar at +33 (0)1 4483-8456

  4. The photo is indeed heart-stopping for some people. She is gorgeous and has a beautiful body! Need I say more.

    PS. Thanks for the link!

  5. "So dance the samba, so dance the samba, la la la la la. . ." sang J. Gilberto. Samba dancers are amazing! Happy on-line free expression day, Jilly. Now if I were a censor, I wouldn't cancel this photo, maybe just suggest a pasty for the part of her costume that's shifted a little ;^). It's not visual censorship I'm concerned about, its idea censorship and free information censorship that wishes to control populations through manipulation of information or its availability.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  6. so Jilly got another job then as model! The PC (political correctness) brigade have almost killed off beauty pagents etc.

  7. Beautiful! Your photo is exquisite, too. LOL

  8. Your title says it all. Gawd, she is something:)

  9. ooh la la is right. Quite beautiful. But can she be comfortable?

  10. lol :-) I can only imagine how happy the fellows must have been to see this beautiful lady.

    I guess it's safe to say that the weather was quite warm for the festival. ;-)

  11. I guess all the guys who miss the Rio carnaval will be coming now to the "Fete du Citron"...
    Was there Brazilian music to go with the dancer??
    Have a good day.

  12. Funny. But as I can see, they are not really naked :-)

  13. You wouldn't see better lemons anywhere.
    Vive la celebration !

  14. Well, M.B, I don't know about that! "Calme toi".
    She is lovely though, Jilly.

  15. Viva Brasilia!! :-)

    Glad she isn't in NYC because she would be REALLY cold.


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