02 March 2008

Orchidée - 2

Following on from the posting a couple of days ago, here we are inside the Palais de l'Europe which is holding the Orchid Exhibition. You can see the outside of this beautiful building on the left.

The Palais de l'Europe was built in the neo-classic style
in 1909 - the architect being inspired by the great buildings of the 1850s - 1880s. It was originally the Kursaal Casino, the fourth casino to be built in the town. In those days opera, ballet and theatre companies performed for the delight of the visitors.

The building was acquired by the town at the end of the 1950s, and after 1961 was known as the Palais de l'Europe. Here you'll find the Tourist Office, the municipal library, a theatre, a gallery and exhibition halls.


  1. cute name of that flower :) do you like the Singapore's Orchid too?

  2. That's a building in Menton, not Monte Carlo? Beautiful!
    Was it hot and humid inside for the orchid exhibition?

  3. Zannie, I love Singapore's orchids. Sometimes used to buy them flying from Singapore to Oz.

    Isabella, several of the main exhibits have water vapour machines that mist the whole thing every few minutes - so yes, they seem pretty organised with the humidity. I found that difficult to photograph - the camera's settings didn't seem happy with the mist.

  4. I love orchids! I think they're exotic, unique and very beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for leaving your comments. Do visit again!

    Have a fantastic week ahead!

    A Pinay In England
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    The Goddess In You

  5. What a beautiful place, and gorgeous orchids!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Jilly and your in favor comments. I appreciated a lot all your posts about Roquebrune.

  7. I've very much enjoyed looking at your recent posts, Jilly.

  8. I love orchids as well. And that is a beautiful building!

    There used to be a tourist attraction here in Kissimmee known as Orchid World, a place that actually grew orchids and shipped them worldwide. The 'tourist attraction' aspect was an aside that never really took hold.

  9. PNG is known for citrus but we do have fantastic orchids. Love them - they are so exotic!!

  10. A great building with a most certainly exhibit going on with all those orchids.

  11. it looks very nice with the lot of greens!!!

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