20 June 2008

The Village Wedding - 14 - the onlooker

She stood just ouside the main square, looking, staring, totally absorbed by the wedding reception. Note the effort she's made tho - a pretty scarf tucked into her cardigan. But oh, those poor arthritic hands.

To answer questions: No, I wasn't the official photographer and no, I wasn't an invited guest either. Like this lady, I was simply looking on - but in my case, snapping away as I walked around or stood and also stared. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was a guest and who was a villager. Everyone enjoyed it though, especially me!

I respected the centre of the square - and the reception itself - and walked around the outside - the 18-zoom lens on my camera doing all the work. Of course, many people were taking photographs so it was fairly easy to get lost in the crowd.

(I'm in the USA at the moment - Westerville, near Columbus, Ohio - later I'll be in Utah - so big apologies for lack of comments over the last week and thanks so much to everyone who is commenting on my blogs. I really appreciate them. I hope, from today, to slowly start commenting again provided Internet access allows it).


  1. portrait surprenant et tres bien fait de cette dame. On profite souvent d'evenement exterieur pour faire des photos, et cela fait de belle serie comme la tienne.
    Bon voyage aux USA

  2. This series has been very enjoyable, and I think this is one of my favorites! Excellent work!

  3. How wonderful that she is still so interested in looking at a village wedding. I might look like this one day, if I make it to her grand age. I wonder how old she is.

  4. Anonymous20 June, 2008

    Hello Jilly,

    Second comment, but I have been lurking for many months. I quite enjoy your photography.

    Welcome to Ohio! Cincinnati here. If you get this way, shout.

  5. Your series are delightful, I enjoy them so much. Today's photo is a gem, just wonderful.

    I hope the shows will bring you to Boston one of these days. :)

  6. Anonymous20 June, 2008

    Her hands are really in bad shape. I am just in the beginning of rheumatoid arthritis and the pain is really hard to describe. I am suppose to see a specialist this coming Tuesday and I am hoping he can do something different. My family doctor said they even do chemotherapy nowadays for this kind of arthritis.

    The picture is lovely. The lens is long enough so that you can get a decent picture without having to inject yourself in the scene.

    Something different from me
    Better Blog Writing

  7. Anonymous20 June, 2008

    The hands - those poor suffering hands. They remind me instantly of my grandmother. I go looking for images of people on the photo blogs but rarely find them. This one is so powerful.

  8. Jilly---I hope you're having lots of fun on your travels in the States! Loving all your wedding photos--even the bystander is lovely! I bet you're lovely too if we could see you!

  9. Oh, Jilly, Julie is right: This photo is powerful and beautiful, too. She is still a lovely old lady, even with those hands, perhaps because of them. This is your best yet, it really touches me.

    What a lovely lady she is in her old age!

    I am really blown away by this one.


  10. What a wonderful portrait. Like me you love people!!!

  11. I keep coming back to look at this one. I wish I could tell the woman how lovely she still is.

  12. This is an awesome photo. There is so many details in the photo that it takes a while to absorb it all.

    Have fun in OH and UT. Stay dry.

  13. HI Jilly! --how lovely for you to be in the USA ...and in Ohio! I am from the neighboring state of West Virginia and just drove that way a few weeks ago! Hope you have a great visit(are you here for pleasure?) and you enjoy your stay! I will be in Montreal next week for a family wedding but I do not think I will get as lovely pictures as you did in these photos of this wedding. Your composition is great and you have a good eye for what makes an interesting photo. so much for me to learn! It looks like a lovely event for the village....and this older woman...her poor poor hands! Her life must have been hard for her with the pain that comes from that type of arthritis....good shot.

  14. Hi Jilly,
    Like Michael, I'm a bit of a lurker here, and just getting to the wedding photos. Your shots are always fantastic, and this one evokes so much. I've told you before (as others have) that you photograph people so well! Thanks for hanging out at this wedding and capturing it for us. The people are all so stylish (including this lady!), the setting couldn't be more lovely, the photos perfect.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to the U.S.

  15. Jilly, This is a fantastic photo. Do you ever give your subjects an opportunity to see themselves on your blog. I love this portrait because it speaks volumes about the woman and life.


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