15 June 2008

The Village Wedding - 9 - the waitress

I love her hand and expression, don't you? The food and drinks were organised and served by the restaurant across the square - the Beau Sejour. Just drinks and nibbles as I said before - later the guests will go to a big reception in Cap d'Ail.

Note: The Frugal Traveler from the New York Times featured Monte Carlo and Menton recently. Click on the link read about Monaco and then see a video of Menton. Thanks so much to Alden for this information.


  1. You are doing a magnificent job, Jilly.
    What a brilliant reception in the town square.

    They say the Italians talk with their arms and hands. The French seem to do it more subtly with the fingers.
    I can almost taste the hors d'oeuvres just by her gesticulations. (not to mention the eyebrows; wow. )

    The young man in the charcoal suit would do well to lift his gaze a little. There is so much visual stimulation in such a great gathering as this. Thanks for such a great series.

    Je me demande, il y a plus ?

  2. She's pretty. But jeans at a wedding reception?

  3. Anonymous15 June, 2008

    OK Hilda
    She's pretty but sh'isnt a smart waitress!

  4. Lovely series, Jilly, some great pictures. Gorbio just lends its self to a village wedding, Freda

  5. So much to see in that wedding!!!
    You made me think...
    As a photo album of that day,I would have loved to have this kind of pictures,in addition to the more conventional one!!

  6. How very French. I don't think you would find such expressive delicacy here. Ah, Provence.

  7. hehehe
    It's like she's about to grab a handful of those sandwiches!


  8. Lovely photo, Jilly, as always. You've really captured the atmosphere. Do you know the couple? Were you at the wedding?

  9. Anonymous16 June, 2008

    These are splendid photographs, Jilly. Almost as if you were an invited guest there to take pictures.

  10. So glad I am able to catch up with the wedding - such a fabulous series of photos. You are the best at this!!!

  11. Anonymous16 June, 2008

    What a delightful scene for a reception!

  12. I love how you caught the action as it were! A lovely series....I love it!

  13. One of my best friends from college (she was originally from La Rogue d'Antheron in Provence) had her wedding in Aix en Provence many years ago. I was invited but could not attend due to scheduling conflicts. I've seen her wedding photos and I wish I hadn't missed it.

    These photos of the wedding are spectacular. I'm really enjoying the "inside" look at a French wedding reception.


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