12 June 2008

The Village Wedding - 6 - the shoes

Heels on cobbles. It surprised me to see so many women wearing high heels for the village wedding. The steep walk up to the church from the village square is daunting enough in flat shoes - forget heels... Come back tomorrow and meet the wearer of these glamorous shoes.

Nathalie features a wedding - always fabulous photographs from Nathalie - on Avignon Daily Photo today.


  1. The shoes are divine. I love the ankle bracelet too. Someone has very good taste even though they seem to be pigeon-toed.
    Love all the pics of the wedding Jilly, especially the reception in the square.

  2. And she has very well groomed feet for showing off.

    If it were me, you'd hear: Oooo - Eeeee - Aaaaaah - Ow - Ow - Ow - Whooops! thunk

  3. I remember when I would have worn shoes like this. Ah, la jeunesse. In your otherwise great shot, I see Morton's neuroma, squeezed toes, a corn, and a general "mal aux pieds!" What we do for fashion!

  4. Wowie zowie! Those aren't just ANY heels, either. Stunning photo, Jilly. Can't wait to meet your subject.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  5. Anonymous12 June, 2008

    I wonder how I would look in those shoes? Do you think I would make a fashion statement? I can barely walk in house slippers but these would put me in the grave.

  6. Glad she made it without breaking something. Great photos of the wedding. What a beautiful setting.

  7. Killer shoes,just divine. Great image, the perfect trailer for tomorrow's installment.

  8. cela doit être une vraie torture de marcher avec des chaussures aussi haute. belle photo. Et oui en France, c'est la saison des Mariages

  9. All I can say is OUCH. Dont those things hurt?

  10. Sure is the- saison des mariages, comme Olivier a dit.

    I guess if you live in Gorbio, you're bound to have ankles such as these.
    Plenty of exercise in them-thar hills.
    Guess who'll be back tomorrow !!

    Mr. Lincoln, I think you would look just right. A perfect accompaniment to your blond wig.
    Might be harder to select the right frock, though, Sir !!!

  11. Sexy shoes! Wish I could learn how to walk on those teensy-weensy heels. I keep trying them on in shops, promptly topple over, so no, I've never gotten a pair.

  12. ...should never have put you onto that camera, J! You're up to no good with it! :0) 'roony

  13. Anonymous12 June, 2008

    Todays' New York Times (online)has a travel video from The Frugal Traveller and his stay in Menton. Also a short article about Monaco.


  14. Anonymous12 June, 2008

    Dearest Jilly, thanks for the link, you're too kind.

    Just back from a fantastic day out at Les calanques de Cassis with Sally and family. The weather was just perfect, we took a cruise to the calanques from the cute port of Cassis, and then had a picnic on the beach and a great swim in the Med - couldn't have been any better.

    Re high heels on cobblestones, yes I saw them at my St Pierre wedding too. I wonder how these girls manage! Your photo is tops!

  15. Alden

    Many thanks for that info. I'll mention it on tomorrow's blogs. The Frugal Traveller strikes me as a down to earth bloke with good information.

    Again, many thanks.

  16. What a cool image - and what horrible shoes, straight from the torture chamber! Are there still women who think this self-abuse is stylish or men who find it attractive? I think it's appalling.

  17. I am with Jim on this, those shoes look like they hurt to me. Walking around in those things just can't be a pleasant experience!

  18. La dame doit avoir des chevilles en béton.
    Car marcher avec de telles chaussures sur une route pavée et qui monte !
    Attention à l'entorse
    The lady must have concrete ankles.
    to go with such shoes on a paved road and which goes up!
    Attention with the sprain

  19. Anonymous15 June, 2008

    Dressing for a wedding, the same thing at the city or village. :)

  20. Ahhhh....the things women put themselves through to look sexy.

    At weddings in NYC, we frequently see women in sexy, slinky dresses who are freezing their behinds off while the men are all dressed in suits and ties and sweating from inside out.

    Ain't life funny?

  21. Oh to heck with discomfort! A girl has got to have pretty shoes! :-)


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