09 June 2008

The Village Wedding - 3 - walking to the square

Here we see Patricia and Walter walking down through the village after the ceremony - you can just glimpse the Mairie on your left. There is a reception in the village square. Come back tomorrow and let's meet some of the guests.

Sally and family (Sydney Daily Photo) are still asleep....zzzzzzzzzz


  1. What a romantic place to have a wedding.
    And what a great choice of photograph!

  2. Anonymous09 June, 2008

    really very romantic:)

  3. Anonymous09 June, 2008

    I can't imagine anything quite like this. It must be unique to your area.

  4. What a wonderful, stylish wedding procession.
    I thought we we might see Monsieur le Maire standing under his new arched doorway, waving-on the happy couple. Can't wait to see the reception, tomorrow in the village square, (and perhaps something very old ?)

    Aussies asleep? - never...

  5. beau reportage sur ce mariage, a la fin les mariés s'en vont, ils seront heureux et auront beaucoup d'enfants.

  6. Such wonderful wedding photos Jilly. Gorbio is so pretty (and so is the bride). Very handsome groom. Are they friends of yours?

  7. I love the focus of this photo.
    It has such great depth.

  8. Your photos are a pure delight.
    My sister's wedding was a lot like that, walking from the Mairie to my parents' home through the village was wonderful!
    What I find special here is the escort by musicians. I wish I could hear them!

    Hey Sally, wake up! The glitzy life of the Riviera awaits and you only have two days to go!

    Jilly, could you please tell Sally to have a look at the Saturday post on my blog? There's this show at the pont du gard that I thought she could be interested in seeing.
    (even more valuable since regular access to the site will be pretty much closed off because of the shows)

  9. Wonder how you managed to get everything in focus from the guy in the forefront to the bride much further away...

  10. Fantastic series of photos of a truly special day.

  11. I'm happy the weather was fine, even if we say, like in English, "mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux".
    Hello Sally and family, did you enjoy your first day on la Côte d'Azur?

  12. Anonymous09 June, 2008

    Une jolie mariée pour un joli mariage dans un joli village photographiée par une jolie fille. That's a fairy tale!!!

  13. Of all the photos in this series this is my favourite. It's just so delightfully romantic without being to mushy. Lets hope their union is a happy one.

  14. Such a charming scene. I hope they and their guests enjoyed themselves as much as these photos project. You've done such a lovely job in capturing exquisite moments!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  15. A beautiful view of the back of the bridal gown!


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