29 June 2008

The Village Wedding - 23 - the old man and the shoes

Remember the old man who lives in the apartment above the old elm tree. Click on the link to catch up with his story. Here he sits in his usual position under the 1713 elm. He sits, alongside wedding guests - perhaps taking a glance at those shoes? - certainly aware he's next to a beautiful lady, wouldn't you say?

See adorable little Lisa behind him - featured in numbers 20 and 21. She's happily playing at the foot of the tree.


  1. Jilly, I appreciate so much your links to previous posts--it only takes a few seconds for us to catch up, but I know it takes you some time and effort to allow us to do it so quickly. Thank you for seeing the old man again in this setting.

    Portland Oregon Daily Photo

  2. An interesting study in contrasts Jilly! You have a great eye for this kind of street photography!

  3. Aaah ! Finally, the elm tree. It would know the old man's thoughts.
    I don't think the suave young fellow eats enough; he's too busy with the ladies.
    He's so well-dressed he can hardly move. - or breathe !!

  4. Anonymous30 June, 2008

    Stories to tell, and little imps in the background. The lady at the left is obviously a ballerina

  5. Jilly, I have enjoyed your wedding series. LOVE that dress. I do have a question, though:


    Of course, this comes from someone who lives in Reeboks or Crocs MaryJanes!

    Apologies for not commenting a lot lately. . . .under a lot of stress which will hopefully resolve itself as June ends (and the subject of my blog tomorrow). Thanks for understanding!

  6. Maybe the wise old man's thinking ironically that those heels aren't adaptated at all to the life in Gorbio, nor anywhere else!
    And the guests aren't thinking at all, they ignore him, they're just in "figuration". They're young!!!

  7. I love photographs with stories to tell. I think you have composed one with MANY stories to tell. The suave character in black and white almost reminds me of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever!HA The older gentleman, I think, is eavesdropping and probably getting a chuckle out of it all.

  8. I think it's the dapper fellow in black and white he's thinking about Jilly ... the days when he was younger, spritelier and wore dapper clothes himself. Then again, perhaps he's just hoping for an invitation to lunch.

  9. the young man made one mistake. my mom always told me never look or dress prettier than your date...

  10. aaah....the shoes are brown, not black as I had originally thought. Those whouldn't be too hard on her feet.

    That blue pair is simply fantastic. I cannot tear my eyes from drooling over them :-)
    And her blue floral dress is so pretty.

    Those flowers by the steps are just so pretty! And I love that old stone wall.

  11. Like mme benaut, my eyes also caught the guy in black & white. He's beyond belief!


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