08 November 2008

After the Storms - the Route de Gorbio

We're looking at just one part of the Route de Gorbio. In the main photograph, the medieval hill village of Gorbio is about 4 kilometres behind us - we are en route to Menton on the road I take every time I drive down the valley.

At the moment there are about 5 or 6 blockages like this. Light falls this year and nothing to worry about. One year the road was cut for two months whilst two separate rock faces were made safe with retaining walls. During that time, we had to go the 'long way round' to get to Menton or Monaco.

Look carefully at the rock face (click to enlarge) - it's already been covered in heavy wire, fixed into the rock with bolts. Even so a bush has crashed and stones and very small rocks fall and tumble out. Further down the Route de Gorbio, larger rocks have hit the road waiting for the council to move them. When you drive out after any heavy rain, you have to keep a careful eye, as there are many sharp bends on the road and it's easy to hit a fallen rock which doesn't do a car much good.

The rain has stopped but water will continue to come off the mountains for days, even weeks - we've had so much of it.


  1. Had to chuckle - "doesn't do a car much good" - indeed!

  2. Nature gives us beauty as well as some problems. Good that this one is a small problem.

  3. Use of cars is not recommended.
    Last summer, I went from Menton to Sospel, and even by dry weather the road seemed narrow sometimes.
    I wouldn't like to be on the road during storms.

  4. I'm sure it is an inconvenience for many to have to go 'the long way around', but that sounds pretty good to me!


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