27 November 2008

The Chestnut Fête - the Lamb Lady

This is the lady who sells the lambs. She also sells chickens and guinea pigs. As Marie remarked yesterday, and I agree - hopefully they are not being sold to be eaten. Whilst Menton itself isn't 'country' - the hinterland above Menton most definitely is, so they'd be sold as stock (to be fattened and eaten) or perhaps even eaten as baby lamb. Hopefully people don't eat guinea pigs! (in the small photo they are about to get a chunk of baguette).

My neighbour keeps sheep as pets - he has one that is over 20 years old - I'd like to think this is the destiny of these lambs, but I'm not holding my breath.


My thoughts and positive energies to the people of Mumbai at this dreadful time.


  1. Our neighbour keeps sheep and goats too. it always upsets me when I see the baby lambs. I'm not vegetarian like you but I tend to keep to chicken and fish..
    I love this photo, jilly. The lamb lady has such a kind face and the baby goat is just cuteness itself..

  2. Angela,

    I thought it was a goat too - so snap! In fact I commented to the lady, telling her I used to keep goats in Wales. She told me it's a lamb and not a goat. I was surprised.

  3. Well, isn't that funny? I could have sworn it was a goat...

  4. I know that in some places of Central/South America, guinea pigs ARE eaten....oh.

  5. Yes, I've tried just a little piece of guinea pig in Cuzco (Peru) as someone there insisted I had to... but I don't even remember what it tastes like... poor cute little fellows!

    Jill, I'm with you regarding the people in Mumbai!

  6. I meant 'Jilly'! I'm so sorry...

  7. Oh I hope they are not sold to be eaten. I was wondering that yesterday but didn't want to ask, I guess I didn't want to know the answer!
    I know some countries eat Guinea Pigs but my daughter has one as a pet and it's the cutest thing. I could never imagine eating one!
    Hope all those cute little babies find good homes, to vegetarians!

  8. It always stuns me when I realize that some cute cuddly creature is being raised for food. Many years ago when I lived in a rural area, my neighbors had cages full of beautiful rabbits for sale. Being naive, I just couldn't imagine that many people buying pet rabbits.

    My heart goes out to those poor people in Mumbai.

    On this day of Thanksgiving here in the US, I am thankful for so many things and one is this lovely community of bloggers who brighten my day.

  9. Ooh Jilly, that little lamb looks remarkably like a goat (kid).

    I won't taunt you with stories of the roast lamb we had for dinner the night before last.

    We have friends who have a small flock of sheep as pets, to keep the grass on their enormous property down. They have names like Rambo and Lamb Chop!!

  10. Well JM I am predicting you don't remember what guinea pig tasted like because you have had some traumatic blackout from having to eat it. Ewwwww!

    Oh I just can't think about all this. It reminds me of our Thanksgiving feast today. My granddaughters wouldn't try the turkey because it was a dead....turkey!

  11. One day a friend of mine bought a lamb (alive) to be prepared for the family's Easter-dinner. He brought is home and let is loose in the garden. Then the little lamb adopted him as a sort of "mum" and started following him around everywhere in the garden. .
    This friend of mine is really a very big man (a giant, I would say) and it was kind of funny to see how he would melt in front of this bleating little lamb. He called her "Bianchina".

    Today Bianchina is nearly 12 years old. "I did not have the courage", says my friend shaking his head when he gets teased about this.
    Let's hope others will follow the example of this true story.
    Have a nice weekend, Jilly!

  12. I wonder how many of us are meat eaters. It puts a different slant on it when we see the animals, doesn't it? And as far as processing the meat....I don't think I'll even go there!!


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