21 November 2008

The Seller of Violets

Standing near to the market last Saturday, this boy looks as if he'd rather be playing football with his friends, doesn't he?

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks - Tennessee Williams


  1. "A l'ombre du rosier
    Fleurit la violette,
    C'est la douce fleur
    Où j'ai mis mon cœur
    Voyez la violette
    A l'ombre du rosier

    Apprenez que l'amour
    Pour être heureux se cache
    Comme cette fleur
    Où j'ai mis mon cœur
    Pour bien garder, on cache
    Le trop fragile amour

    Puisque dans mon jardin
    La fleur d'amour y pousse,
    Cueillez donc la fleur
    Et prenez mon cœur
    Puisque l'amour y pousse,
    Restez dans mon jardin !"

    il a l'air tres timide de vendeur

  2. Violets already? Time's flying past too quickly.
    You're right in your reading of his body language. He looks very fed up..

  3. I wonder if he sold them by the end of a long day?

  4. Maybe hes selling violets to get a new comic book.

  5. Yes, you are right! He should be playing...

    Fantastic capture of the seagull! :-)

  6. Another great image.
    Your images with people are just as great asthose scenery pictures.

  7. A perfect quote for your post, Jilly. You're right, it would seem his dreams of playing ball that day were dashed by slow moving sales of violets by the seafood shop. Excellent image!

  8. He looks like a shy entrepreneur, perhaps hoping the violets will sell themselves.

  9. Aw, very sweet. And I like his fauxhawk!

  10. His flowers are so pretty - I wish I was there to buy some from him. Then, maybe, he could go play...

  11. But, what a good boy he is to pitch in and help with the sales. The lattice work of the box caught my eye. Another good example of beauty in the mundane.

  12. I didn't realise people still sold Violets. The boy looks really happy (not!)

  13. Fantastic capture of the seagull! :-)
    Thanks For This Photo

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