31 January 2009

Childhood - the Fall

If you want to learn to skate, you'll surely fall.

I doubt any of these children will grow up to be Olympic skaters as Menton has an ice-rink over the Christmas/New Year period only - but one thing is sure, the ice rink has to be in one of the most beautiful positions imaginable - right by the Mediterranean, with the hills of Italy in the distance.


  1. Falling is why I don't skate! But, the kids just bounce right back up and try again. It's amazing! These are great shots, Jilly!

  2. Love the photo and the title. Perfect capture of this little guy taking the bumps that go along with learning to skate.

  3. I love this photo! It has much to tell.

  4. Oooh ouch. He'll tell you it's nothing, and worth it. Menton looks like an idyllic place to grow up.

    We had a skating pond in my childhood town. We all thought we were headed for the Olympics - until summer came and the ice melted.

  5. This photo series you've done is remarkable! Sorry it's taken me so long to get backatcha with comments--but between Twitter and company, it's been a busy time.


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