19 January 2009

Village Wedding Revisited (46) - the Fruit Cup

This couple are spooning something out of tiny glasses. You can see a tray of them in the smaller photograph - they are decorated with flowers. Perhaps a fruit salad? Perhaps a sorbet?


  1. The splashes of pink tones in the upper photograph..what interesting visual music.

  2. on dirait une vraie star ;o)

  3. I've noticed this summer this new trend in French cuisine in the restaurants or at home: les verrines!
    que ce soit salé ou sucré.
    I think I like it because it's small,just a few spoonful.
    Your guests seems to enjoy it too!

  4. If it is delicious, only a small spoon is required. My motto.

    I have two new blogs to show you:

    Dips Pen
    Abraham Lincoln's Blog

  5. Jilly:
    Thank you for commenting on our blog! I love your blog. You have quite a talent for capturing action and emotion in the faces of the people you photograph.


  6. Hi Jilly
    Thank you so much for your comments in my blog.
    Sorry that I can not visit here as much aa before.I am so busy with university these days.

  7. I loved yesterday's proud daddy (the little girl is a sweetheart). Today's couple is ever so elegant. Her hair and hands are beautifully done (she's everything I've never been ha ha !!!)

    These little "verrines" (food in tiny glasses) are all the rage on French buffets at the moment. What's in those here? I'm not sure but the flowers topping them make them ever so elegant...

  8. I think it's fruit but of course the flowers on top are what make it so special. And some chapagne as well. Very nice reception!

  9. Whatever it is it is very colourful. I like the table in the smaller photo, all the flowers and colour is lovely - perfect for this relaxed wedding day.

  10. Fascinating how varied the clothes are of those attending from the chic yet casual pants/top on a woman several posts ago and this bejeweled guest... you've got more mileage from this wedding then the bride and groom!

  11. Jilly, I think you are a troublemaker.

    You have invited us to try to figure out what is in the little cup in the man's hand, which requires staring and concentration at the center of the photo. Yet, please consider what else is in the center fo the photo in immediate proximity to the tiny glass in the gentleman's hand, in view of your camera angle.

    In how many households have you caused a man to try to figure out what is in the glass, as you directed us to do, resulting in an angry inquiry from a wife, "WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?"

  12. who can notice the food with all those gorgeous people around? Was everyone at the wedding a 10?? Love the series, love the setting & the beautiful people.

  13. Wow, everyone looked so relax and casual. What a beautiful wedding!


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